Why not become a Mortgage Broker?

If you are at a certain juncture in life where you are seriously considering a new career or business and you’ve had your eye on mortgage broking, then let me take you on a little abstract journey that might assist you in making the best decision of your life; if of course, you thrive on customer satisfaction.

What makes a successful broker?

This is a simple question with a very complex answer. However, it is quite easy to broadly brush the qualities of those that end up as top tier mortgage professionals. Let me define that person as one who is dedicated to people, they are real people people, they love interacting with people and find great pleasure in assisting as many people as possible find financial solutions to life, albeit if that solution is not easily found! They thrive on reward for effort and are not easily offended by either client or unwanted effort as they move resolvedly towards success and the achievement of their personal goals.

Five key elements of mortgage broking

  • 1. Lead generation

    You must have people to talk to about finance before you can help anybody. The broker’s leads generally come from a few sources but brokers normally have a focus on either marketing, networking or a key connection within another related referrer business.

  • 2. Customer focused

    Even to the apparent visual detriment of oneself; knowing that it comes with significant personal long term gains! If a broker has the customer’s interests clearly defined and prominent and maintains that posture due to inward belief, that customer will without doubt intuitively know that and because of that, implicitly trust the relationship. That trust is what propels all growth within the broker’s business through consistent client referrals.

  • 3. Solution orientated with a positive attitude

    Because all clients have problems, but understanding that that’s not a bad thing! As Zig Ziglar the motivator once said “you get paid for your trouble.” The buyer always has a ‘problem’ or something they need, perceived or real, and the seller has something to alleviate that need. All mortgage brokers solve peoples finance problems. Good mortgage brokers do that more often because they find more solutions.

  • 4. Honesty, trustworthy, dependable, detailed

    Because you just cannot afford to let people down when you are dealing with the most stressful, emotional and largest financial decision of their lives. If you say you will do something for your client, then you do it. This is the sum of both an internal characteristic and an external office protocol with well developed systems and processes.

  • 5. Success driven, disciplined and determined

    If you place a very high value on achievement then mortgage broking can be a very satisfying and profitable business for you, the people orientated person.

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