Home Loans

Multi Choice Home Loans

The great Australian dream, that is owning ones own home, can be a daunting experience. With so much information at our finger tips and a wide range of choices, the decision of which home loan suits you best can be a difficult one to make on your own. This is why over half of all Australians use a mortgage broker for their home loan needs.

How it works

  1.  You tell us what sort of loan you want.
  2.  We compare all the lenders with up-to-date software and then use our experience and expertise to link you up with the right option whilst negotiating with the lenders for their best offer.
  3. We then do all the paperwork for you at a place and time most convenient for you in order to get your loan approved.
  4. We handle everything until the loan settles and you become another one of our very happy customers who has been wowed by amazing personal service which will continue for the life of the loan as we continually pursue the lenders for their best deal for you.
  5. Free advice. The service is totally free as the lenders pay us for introducing loans to them which doesn’t affect the deal you get from the lender.

Why most Australians use mortgage brokers

  1. Fastest & easiest way to compare loans.
  2. Better outcomes, better choice, better deals.
  3. Better success rates on loan approvals.
  4. No stress.
  5. No obligation.
  6. Free service. Expert advice at NO COST to you.

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