Buying a property can be both stressful and time-consuming. Why should anyone use a mortgage broker and what do brokers do for you?

What do I do?

As a finance broker, I make getting a loan easier and take the stress out of finding the best lender for you. I take you through each step of your loan’s progress and keep you continuously updated so you never feel neglected or left in the dark. I’m here to simplify things for you.

Why do people use me?

I have a real passion for property and enjoy helping people. I think this translates into a good relationship with my clients when they see I have their best interests at heart. I have helped many people buy the property of their dreams and/or investment properties, and continue to passionately get the best-tailored loan for each individual situation.

Why don’t people get a loan for themselves?

I have more than 25 lenders that each have several products to offer. Each lender has a different lending policy. Buying property in Queensland is a quick process – normally 30 days from signature until settlement. Most people are time poor and cannot afford to take the time to individually speak to several lenders to sort through numbers and maybe find the best deal. I instead, come to your home or office and discuss your situation. I then show you what is available and explain which lenders would meet your needs, and it costs you nothing – Why wouldn’t you use a broker?

It is in our DNA to live in a warm secure environment with a roof over our heads. Everyone wants certainty in their lives and owning a property offers security and an opportunity to be financially independent – all millionaires own substantial property assets. Let me help you bring your dreams and aspirations to fulfilment.