Discover How To Put $20,000 Directly In Your Bank Account For A Brand New Kitchen!


If you’ve been waiting too long to renovate your kitchen then you need to learn the simple secret that far too few people ever hear about.

This is the #1 Solution for putting significant cash directly in your bank account and finally having the ability to afford those much needed kitchen renovations.

The solution offered below involves some basic number crunching so please bear with us because the results it can produce are incredibly simple. After all, we know financial numbers are just a means to an end – in this case they’re a means for you to get the renovations you’ve been wanting.

Just imagine all the changes you’ll be able to make once the cash is freed up to start designing your brand new kitchen! We value your time and so we’ll get right to it.


Here’s The Solution That Can Directly Put $20,000 In Your Bank Account

Here it is. Let’s assume your home loan has a value of $250,000. Most home loans have a value greater than this and this solution actually works better with a larger home loan.

But let’s assume a home loan value of $250,000 with an interest rate of 4.5% and a repayment term of 25 years, which is a pretty standard form of loan structuring. With standard conditions the regular repayments on this loan would be $1390/month.

All pretty uninteresting so far. But that’s about to change.

By refinancing your home loan to include an extra $20,000 (in this example increasing it to $270,000) and reducing the interest rate on your new loan down to 3.76%* – a mere 0.74% difference – your monthly repayments will stay exactly the same ($1390/month) with no extra cost and after switching to the new loan you will find an amazing $20,000 sitting in your bank account.

That’s worth repeating: 

  • Your monthly repayments won’t increase and there’s no extra repayments – no cost for you. 
  • An extra $20,000 will go into your bank account instead of going to the bank. 
  • And to sweeten the deal even further the money you spend on your kitchen is actually an investment as it will increase the asset value of your home!

There you go. That’s all there is to it!

Refinancing your home loan at an interest rate a mere 0.74% lower than your current rate while adding $20,000 to the total loan amount can put the cash for a new kitchen (and any other renovations you might need) directly in your bank account.

And there’s no nonsense here – these are real numbers. If you speak to your bank manager he’ll tell you the same thing. Or better yet, just punch them in using an online loan calculator and you’ll see that it really does work…


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If Making $20,000 Is So Simple Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

The Catch 22 is that not everyone has the financial knowledge to know how to correctly structure a loan so that it results in these huge savings.

Yes you could take this information and go and try and do it on your own, but if you don’t have much experience with loan refinancing it’s likely to become a very time-consuming and frustrating process for you.

It’s a specialist’s game which is why most people don’t end up having much success. But there is another option.

If you’re looking to get someone in your corner with all the financial experience necessary to get the results you’re after, then that’s where we come in.

As Brisbane’s expert mortgage brokers we pride ourselves on our ability to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our service is absolutely free, at no cost to you. The way we get paid is by helping you to get a better deal, as our job is to look after the entire loan application process for you.

The banks then pay us when we hand in new loan applications for our clients, and as an added benefit we also keep the banks honest by making them compete for your new loan.

Now we understand a lot of people won’t want to go through the hassle of refinancing their home loan, especially not after it’s already been setup and structured. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking also.

We’d just like to ask you to consider this: are you so attached to your current loan that you’re willing to pay an extra $20,000 to keep things the way they are? Because if you don’t refinance your loan and receive the savings we mentioned above then that could effectively be what you’re choosing.

And if you read on you’ll see just how easy and streamlined the process becomes for our clients once they allow us to help them…


So Who Are We And Why Should You Let Us Help You?

Well, we’re a family-owned Brisbane-based mortgage broking firm and we specialise in coming up with financially ingenious ways to save you money.

Our company name is Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers and we’re very good at what we do, which is why we’ve been able to run a successful firm for two decades.

We offer exceptional value to our clients, but of course we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Mark Jeffrey:

“Cherie your customer service is second to none. You were an absolute godsend to my wife and I when we were struggling to progress further with the bank that we were trying to obtain a mortgage from. You gave us peace of mind straight away and continued to provide peace of mind when we were facing one challenge after the other. We are eternally grateful for everything you did to help us obtain our mortgage.”

Bradley Thompson:

“Florentin was fantastic from start to finish. He took the time to work out exactly what we needed and worked hard to get us the best interest rate & deal. Then he was amazing at keeping us updated on the progress of our application right until the approval process.”

Brad Geeves:

“Matt makes the journey to home ownership simple. With so many options in the market, and so many boxes to tick, working with a knowledgeable, transparent, professional like Matt makes the journey so much easier. Highly recommended.”


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Is There Any Risk With This?

So what’s the risk? Isn’t there some sort of catch? Well the truth is that there is no risk for you as our entire service to you is absolutely free.

We’d be more than happy to offer you a “money-back guarantee” if you were actually paying us for something but the simple truth is that our service doesn’t cost you a cent.

And there’s no risk with the bank as well as we’ll only recommend going forward if it’s the best solution for you given your specific circumstances.

The only real risk is that:

  • You don’t take any action on this,
  • You continue to pay the bank more money than you need to (possibly up to $20,000 or more), and
  • You’ll need to find some other way to raise the $15-20k for the renovations you desire.

But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you weren’t interested in finding an easy solution to raise the money for your kitchen renovations. In fact you’re likely still reading precisely because you’re looking for financially intelligent ways to raise that money.

So to summarise, this solution really is a win-win:

  • Your monthly repayments stay the same with no extra repayments – no extra cost on your home loan,
  • You have an incredible $20,000 sitting in your bank account for those kitchen renovations, and
  • You pay absolutely nothing to us while we find you the best loan option available from a broad range of lenders, navigate the entire loan application process on your behalf, and do all of the convoluted paperwork for you.

We also have the extensive experience necessary to see around corners, anticipate and deal with any potential setbacks, and make sure you get the best deal available. 


I’m Interested, So What’s The Next Step?

If you’ve been reading up to this point and are interested in finding out if this solution will work for you simply fill out the form below and one of our expert brokers will get back to you shortly to discuss your personal situation.

During this conversation our broker will evaluate how your current home loan is structured in order to determine whether the solution discussed above is viable for you.

It’s not a magic pill and it does require certain loan structuring in order to work, but it is a real possibility for many home owners and in some cases even more cash can be freed up through effective refinancing.

If it turns out your home loan doesn’t allow for this solution then we will be more than happy to look at other astute ways we can help you to leverage your home loan and get ahead financially.

To be frank there really is no downside to letting us help you because our service to you is absolutely free, and it’s in our best interest to give you clear and specific financial advice that will save you money and put money in your own pocket.

And of course if for some reason you don’t benefit from the financial advice we contribute in that initial assessment you’re under no obligation to speak with us any further.

But we tend to think you will get some value out of it to say the very least! It really is an amazing opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Why not give us a yell?


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    Want To Find Out More About Us?

    Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers was established in 1998 as one of the first mortgage broking companies in Brisbane. We offer a free and personal service where we work for you and not the banks. We make finding the right loan simple!

    The business was started by a husband and wife team, Trevor and Merridy Watkins, who set the culture of the company as customer focused and solution orientated. That saw the company grow primarily through word of mouth. There are now four offices (Sunshine Coast, Beenleigh, Hervey Bay and our head office in Stafford, Brisbane).

    Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers are backed by Australia’s largest broker network and can therefore offer a personalised service almost anywhere in Australia.


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      We collect personal information (including name, mobile number and email address) about you so we can contact you to discuss a home loan, refinancing, and other products that may be of interest to you. For more information about how we collect and handle personal information, including how you can access or correct your personal information or contact us with any feedback read our privacy policy.


      *We’ve used 3.76% in this particular example in order to communicate the basic concept and also to be authentic with our numbers. We always endeavour to find our clients the lowest rate possible, which can at times be even lower than the numbers used in this example. Obviously each instance of refinancing a home loan must be treated case by case, and real life outcomes will vary among clients based on loan structures and individual circumstances.

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