How to Increase the Value of Your Home with Easy Summer Renovations

December 16, 2015 - Posted in First Home Buyers, Money Saving

Before speaking with your mortgage brokers about setting a price for your home, there are a few simple summer jobs you can tick off the list that will help to add appeal and value to your home – you can even get the kids involved to earn some pocket money over the school holidays.

Make a clean sweep

Nothing will increase the value of your home more than good old-fashioned elbow grease. Gets the kids on board to tidy up and clean the house from top to bottom before getting an appraisal from your mortgage broker. A neat and tidy house looks and feels more valuable than a sloppy, messy house. Small things like replacing mouldy silicon, scrubbing stains out of grout and giving the stove and appliances a good clean make a house appear tidy and well looked-after.

Touch up the paint job

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house does wonders for street appeal, but it can be a costly (and time consuming) project, so only invest in an outdoor paint job if it’s necessary. Inside the house, paint in neutral colours with subtle highlights. Using neutral tones avoids a clash in colour choice with potential buyers and allows them to visualise the home they would like to create without loud or busy style intrusions.

Not your garden variety home

Plant, prune and sculpt away! An unkempt garden is an eyesore that immediately turns buyers off. Create street appeal with a tidy garden that has character and appears manageable to potential buyers – no weeds, piles of leaves or unsightly garden messes should be visible to buyers.

Lights, camera, action

Lighting is a huge factor for buyers. Natural light in particular is a very coveted asset in new homes. One way to let in natural light without breaking the bank is to insert tubular skylights. Tubular skylights are less expensive than regular skylights as they are installed between the ceiling and the roof and don’t require reframing and cladding of those areas. Artificial light can be boosted too – talk to a professional in your local lighting store to find types of lights, shades and fittings that can increase the lighting in dim areas of your home. Attractive light fittings and pendants can do a great deal to add aesthetic value to the property when matched with your home’s décor. 

It’s all in the detail

Fix up any loose or broken fittings like door knobs, towel rails and light switches. Update any outdated fittings that don’t match the house interior. 

So there you have it, some tips for helping you increase the value of your property with some quick and easy summer renovations. Remember, a well-presented house will generally attract more interested buyers, and every little bit helps. So take advantage of the fresh, summery weather to make some small but effective changes to increase the saleability of your home.