Preparing for Natural Disasters

May 19, 2016 - Posted in First Home Buyers, Investing, Money Saving

Australia is the sunburnt country – a land of natural beauties, unique animals and unlimited prosperity. Nothing captures this spirit better than the great state of Queensland, where flowers bloom, animals roam and rivers flow.

Unfortunately there are two sides to nature and Queenslanders have lived through everything from bushfires and heatwaves to floods and cyclones. These events damage our property and threaten our livelihood, but ultimately they do not dampen our spirits, and this is because we are prepared.

With that in mind, here is some information to protect your family and your livelihood in the case of a natural emergency.

Know Who To Call

Make sure everyone in the house – especially children – know what emergency services to call in case of a bushfire or other natural disaster. The State Emergency Services number for Queensland is 132 500.

Find your nearest Queensland Fire and Emergency Services community safety office, and write down the contact details. Be sure to keep them in several places throughout the house, using post-it notes to store them on the fridge, on doors, and on walls.

Utilise Other Resources

As well as knowing who to call and where to go, it’s important to know where to look for more information.

You can see the specific disaster risks of your property using Queensland’s Rural Fire Service interactive map.

Get Ready Queensland has a number of resources available to print and place around the house, including an emergency plan worksheet

You should also have at least one household member signed up for alerts about any impending or nearby disasters. Make sure they know to communicate relevant alerts to all other household members.

Prepare for the Day

You should always have an emergency plan that every household member is aware of, including the following:

  • Have a meeting point established if you need to exit the property. Make an agreement with a nearby friend or family member so you have somewhere to stay in case your house is hit by a disaster. Have emergency contacts and all household members’ phone numbers written out.
  • Make copies of important documents that you store in a post office box or other outside location
  • Collect a week’s worth of water, canned food, emergency supplies and tools, torches, a radio, first aid, and medicine for your family, stored in bags that are easy to access near exits.
  • Know the quickest way to nearby hospitals and other local emergency services
  • Consider having backup generators installed
  • If you have a rainwater tank, make sure the taps are fitted for firefighter hose attachments
  • Make a plan for pets and a ensure you have a pet emergency kit

Have Enough Insurance

Disaster can hit anyone, and when it does much of your important property can be irreparably damaged. That’s why it’s important to have enough insurance so that if your house is hit, you can recover.

Ensure you have fire and other appropriate home protection insurances, and make sure you have an accurate assessment of all your valuables. You don’t want to underestimate what you will need if you lose anything.

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