Best Secret Santa Ideas for the Office

December 20, 2016 - Posted in Multi-Choice

Woman with surprised look on face when opening gift in office

Love it or hate it, the time of year for office secret Santa traditions is here. It can be a difficult task finding a gift that’s great, won’t offend anyone and fits in your shoestring budget. A lot of the time, there’s some intrigue and detective work to do but we can help you out. Below we list some easy, affordable and great secret Santa gifts which are suitable for guys and gals alike without a single sign of a gift card.

Many working relationships consist of polite small talk and brief emails, leaving some workers struggling to find a gift for someone when the only thing they know about them is their first name and the department they work in. Never fear, our list of gifts is applicable to everyone, from your surly manager to the colleague you barely know.

Travel Coffee Mug

Keep your co-worker caffeinated with a travel coffee mug. Most office workers enjoy a pick-me-up in the morning, so it’s pretty likely your colleague will appreciate a cup that keeps their drink hot without burning their hands. You can get your hands on a pretty decent one for under $20.

Desk Cable Clip

If your colleague’s desk is overflowing with cables from all their tech gear and gadgets, a desk cable clip is great little gift. This handy little tool simply clips to the edge of a desk, ready to keep together multiple cables tangle-free and within easy reach. You’ll be able to find one for under $10.

USB Desk Fan

If the air conditioning in your office is lack lustre, a USB desk fan is the perfect gift for this hot summer. Simply plug it into your computer and you’re ready to go. A quick Google search brings some up for under $15.

Desk Plant

Everyone loves some oxygen in the office. Deliver it straight to them with a small desk plant. Go for something easy to maintain like a cactus or succulent. You can get your hands on a little one from Bunnings for under $20.

2017 Wall Calendar

Keeping things practical, why not get your colleague a wall calendar for 2017. You could even get a themed calendar if you happen to have the slightest inclination of what their interests are. You can find one for between $10-$20.


If all else fails, opt for alcohol. Everyone’s happy to receive a free bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer and if not, at least they can use it for a party or re-gift it to someone else they’re stumped with gift ideas for.

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