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Our caring family run business has been finding Australians the best loan, stress free for over 25 years. With our experience we get loans approved.


Couple holding keys to a houseCouple holding keys to a house
I cannot recommend Sarah Sutter from Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers highly enough... She has gone above and beyond for us in our home loan refinancing, taking all the hard work out of it for us and keeping us up to date throughout the whole process.

Jenny MacLachlan

Florentin was amazing to work with. He helped make the entire experience of buying our first home completely stress free. We will 100% recommend him to anyone we know. Thank you to Florentin and the team for helping us.


Being a first home buyer, this is the first time I’ve had to engage with a mortgage broker and Rick, Dan and the Multi Choice team made this a really easy process for me! They provided me all the information I needed and guided me through the entire process. Rick arranged everything for me and followed up through every step of the process which took some stress out of an already stressful time. The communication and follow up from the entire team has been great and I will certainly be using them again and recommending them to anyone looking for a broker.

Kate Dempsey

Myself and my partner have recently just bought a house and Sarah helped us through the process along with Melissa. Sarah was absolutely fantastic from the first initial call right through to the end. I had many questions in which she took the time to answer in great detail so I fully understood each product available to us. Sarah’s communication has been amazing and was always available when needed. She is so professional whilst also really lovely to speak to. Thank you again Sarah for all your help!

Sinead Barry

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Who We Are

Australia’s most experienced family owned & operated mortgage brokers.

We are an accredited finance brokerage offering finance solutions from over 60 different banks and lenders. We combine our extensive 25 years of mortgage broking and the personal caring service that only a boutique family business can offer to find you the right solution.

When you talk to the experts at Multi-Choice Mortgage Brokers, you can be sure of professional, caring, and impartial advice tailored for you, because we don’t work for the banks, we work for you!  Our passion is simply to have our family help other families financially!  We do that by listening and understanding your objective and then sourcing and securing the right finance for you at the right price.  We make it our business to get your best loan approved. 

Our point of difference is that we simply care!

Licensed by
ASIC accreditation
Accredited with
Accredited with the MFAA
Trevor Watkins, one of the co-founders of Multi-choice home loans and Sarah Sutter
For Your Peace of Mind

Choose Multi Choice.

Because we care! Family owned and family run, our mortgage brokers have been helping families get their best finance possible for over 25 years.  We’re experts at finding and securing the best mortgage. Here’s why you should choose Multi-Choice:

25yrs Experience

We’ve been helping Australian families get their best possible finance solution for 25 years. Backed by AFG, we provide tailored home loan advice across Australia.

100% free & impartial Advice

As an independent mortgage brokerage that is detached from any real estate company, bank, or any other lender, you can be 100% sure that you are receiving impartial advice from people who care, and it’s free.

Better Rates Guaranteed

With access to 60+ lenders and industry-leading loan technology, we’ll find a better deal for you. If not, the coffee’s on us!

Family Values with Care

Because Multi-Choice is family owned and family run, all our expert mortgage advisers truly care about helping other families get the best price possible on their home loan.

Fully Accredited Advice

Because we’re fully licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and accredited by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), you can be sure that you are receiving trustworthy advice.

Award Winning Service

We’ve been awarded ‘Top AFG Broker’ for the last 15 years running!

We’ve been helping

Australians finance property

for over 25 years, and we're good at it!

Loans settled
Australia wide
In loans
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choose from
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The Ultimate Choice

Over 60 lenders in one place.

Our job is to get your best loan approved, simple! With decades of lending expertise, leading industry software and over 60 lenders to choose from, we’ll get it done quickly and stress free.

Excited Parent
The Best Rates, Guaranteed!

Why use a Multi Choice broker?

Whether you’re buying your first home or building a portfolio of investment properties, talking to a Multi-Choice mortgage broker is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your situation. And as a completely free service, you’ve got nothing to lose – and a whole load of savings to gain!


Better loans.

With decades of experience and industry software on our side, we’re sure to find you a better deal on your loan. We give you access to 60+ lenders under one roof and we compare them for you.


Better success.

Over 70% of borrowers use a broker because it’s better doing all your shopping under one roof!  Getting expert advice makes it easy to choose the right lender and get your loan approved first time!


No stress.

Putting all the research and paperwork in our hands makes everything easier for you! We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, so we know the application process inside and out.

Easy as 1,2,3!

How to get your best loan approved.


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No commitment. No cost. Just one easy call.


We’ll do the research.

Once we know your objective, we’ll do all the research and heavy lifting to find the best solution for you.


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Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about our services and how working with a mortgage broker can help them. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why use a mortgage broker when you can go directly to the bank?
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The simple answer is choice and better choice means better outcomes and better loans!  The borrower gets to compare all the loan options in the market with one call and then make their best choice with knowledge and advice from a licensed and impartial credit adviser. 

Mortgage brokers use dedicated software that allows them the ability to quickly analyse the thousands of loan options in the market. This makes it easy for them to compare rates, loan set-up fees, bank policies and any special offers on the market. They may also have access to exclusive offers and products that aren’t available elsewhere, even if you go directly to the bank.

At Multi Choice we offer a totally free service, and because we have the option of choosing the best deal for the borrower from a very large selection of banks, we are sure to find you a better deal.  We also have all the up-to-date knowledge on lender discounts and special offers through our software. Furthermore, we are constantly aware of which lenders are hungry for business, which gives us the ability to negotiate specific better pricing for our clients.  We have been doing this for a very long time and we therefore know which lenders you will have the highest chance of success with, so in short, our expertise will help you get your loan approved.  You would simply be doing yourself an injustice not to give an experienced mortgage broker a call and let them advise you on your loan options!

Can I trust the mortgage broker’s advice?
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Mortgage brokers are licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and must adhere to strict codes of practice to ensure that their advice is in the best interest of the borrower (BID). Mortgage brokers also have to be qualified to offer credit advice.  Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers are an approved MFAA member and as such, must adhere to the minimum standards of education and ongoing training. We are also a member of AFCA, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, the industry ombudsman protecting the rights of every borrower and therefore we are obligated to offer professional credit advice that is in the best interest of the borrower. 

A mortgage broker will, therefore, be breaking the law if they recommended a home loan that was not in your best interest.  This legislation (BID) gives the borrower peace of mind to use a broker rather than going directly to the bank because the banks and their lending staff do not fall under this Best Interest Duty legislation and so, one could say, that the mortgage broker’s advice would be more dependable, more impartial and more professional! 

You can find out more about these regulations, how to check that an advisor is registered, and how to make a complaint on ASIC’s website.

What does a mortgage broker do?
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A mortgage broker is a credit advisor who specialises in mortgages. They will work with you to help find the most suitable home loan for your situation, providing advice and support throughout the entire process. They will then apply for the mortgage on your behalf.

A mortgage broker’s job is to advise and help the borrower. They do this firstly, by using software and their experience to help the borrower choose the right loan from the right lender from all the different lenders in the market.  Secondly, they remove the administrative paperwork headache from the borrower by lodging the loan application with the chosen lender.  

The broker works for the borrower and not the bank!  The bank however pays the broker for introducing the client to the bank, which makes it a fantastic service for the borrower because the broker does not have to charge the client a fee for their professional time.  The benefit to the borrower then, is better rates and better approval success, because the broker has both the use of specialised software and knowledge of the different lenders policies.  Simply, the borrower’s chance of a successful loan application is greatly enhanced because it allows the borrower the opportunity to find the best deal from a selection of lenders who are more likely to approve their loan.  The broker arranges the loan application for the borrower, completes all the paperwork and removes the stress and the hassle of dealing directly with the banks, all without having to charge a cent! That’s why over 70% of borrowers use a mortgage broker!

What is the process of applying for a loan through a mortgage broker?
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The process may vary slightly from broker to broker. However, the general process should be:

  • You discuss your financial situation and the type of home you’d like to buy with the broker.
  • The broker finds a variety of suitable home loan options and explains them to you.
  • Taking their advice on board, you choose the mortgage you’d like to apply for.
  • The broker completes the application on your behalf.
  • The brokerage service at Multi Choice is completely free of charge, so the only payments you’ll make are to the lender.
What is a credit score?
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A credit score is a numerical rating showing how trustworthy you are when it comes to borrowing and repaying money. It’s based on your previous credit history, including how much you’ve borrowed, the number of credit applications you’ve made, and whether you pay on time. The higher the score, the better your reliability, and the more attractive you will be to potential lenders. While some companies score differently, the score tends to range from zero to 1,200. Mortgage brokers typically obtain your credit score rating prior to selecting a particular lender for you to ensure that they approach the correct lender for you.

How important is my credit score?
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When it comes to a high-value loan such as a mortgage, your credit score is extremely important. As well as making it more likely that your application will be accepted, a good credit score will also give you access to better rates and a wider range of mortgage products.  Your credit score will ultimately determine which lender will be prepared to offer you a loan and that in effect, may determine the rate of interest that is offered to you.  A poor credit score can be repaired, so if required, talk to your broker about your credit history before making a loan application. 

How does a low credit score affect my ability to borrow?
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If you have a low credit score it does not mean that you won’t qualify for a home loan, but it may mean that you will have fewer lenders to choose from.  You might also be restricted to a lower LVR meaning that you will be required to have higher deposit funds. If your credit score is a concern to you then give us a call and we will order a report for you and then we’ll offer practical advice on how you can improve your score.

Does going directly to a bank adversely affect my credit score?
Close FAQOpen FAQ

When you apply for a mortgage, or any other type of credit, the lender will run a credit check. As the number of credit applications you’ve made is part of what affects your rating, this check can cause your credit score to go down. This is fine if you’re only making one mortgage application.

However, if you’re shopping around for a loan, applying directly to the bank each time will cause you to lose more points. A mortgage broker can find a variety of mortgage products and suitable lenders for you with just one check, keeping your credit score intact.   Multi Choice Mortgage Brokers have the knowledge and the experience to interpret your income, your expenses and your credit score and translate that into the right choice of lender for your greatest chance of success with the first application!  Do it with a broker and you protect your score!

What is my borrowing capacity?
Close FAQOpen FAQ

Your borrowing capacity is determined by your income and your living expenses and refers to the maximum amount of money a lender would be prepared to lend you. This varies greatly between lenders, which is why many borrowers use a broker who can quickly work out which lender will offer you the largest loan.  Use our borrowing calculator to work out your potential borrowing capacity.

Matt was exceptionally professional and easy to deal with. He made every step through our first home purchase easy to navigate and kept us informed and up to date the whole time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best Broker in the business. Apparently he’s also good at LEGO for what it’s worth and makes some good Honey.

Benjamin Keith

Dan and Melissa helped my husband and I apply for a home loan (plus some extra things along the way). There was so much we didn’t know and our circumstances were unique as my husband runs his own business. They were amazing every step of the way. Couldn’t recommend their service or guidance more.

Matilda Eggert

Dan and Melissa are the best team we could have asked for. They were so supportive through everything and felt every emotion we did. They truely cared for us every step of the way and left no question unanswered. On our first encounter with Dan we knew he was the best person to trust with this process and clearly explained every detail. Highly recommend Dan and his wonderful team. We are forever grateful for everything they have done to get us through settlement!

Tayla Ransley

Tracy makes home loan and refinance application processes so easy. She goes out of her way to make the process timely, following up with the bank on your behalf. Tracy is always very responsive to questions requests for help. Would highly recommend.

Anna Harrington

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