Investment Property Loans – Important Information

Multi-Choice Home Loans specialises in investment property loans of all kinds. A property investment loan can be an excellent wealth creation move. The key to success lies in understanding the financial management issues. Investment loans can deliver very good returns, and with some market expertise to help, you can get an appropriate loan for a great investment property.

  1. Maximise the Leverage from Your Existing Equity

If you want to maximise the use of equity in your property, you need to find the right mix of debt/equity to meet your goals. The big issue for investors in leveraging equity is the risk. The bottom line for savvy investors is knowing what is possible and getting the right loan to manage risks.

With well over 30 leading institutions to choose from, your Multi-Choice consultant will show you how to achieve the right debt/equity mix of leverage for your investment property loan.

  1. Purchase without Cash

You don’t need cash savings as a deposit to secure an investment property loan. Instead, you can let the lender take security to cover the loan requirements. With the right investment property, capital growth will fuel further property investments without the need for any extra cash (Let us explain it all with an obligation-free consultation.)

  1. Maximise Tax Advantages

By structuring your loans correctly, you can receive tax advantages from your property investment. You may also be better off with an interest-only loan rather than the traditional principal and interest facility.

  1. No Proof of Income

In recent years, market trends in lending have shifted regarding income requirements. Many lenders now offer borrowers the opportunity to invest in property without having to prove and verify their income. The reality for the lender is that they have minimum risk since they tend to only lend up to 80% of the value of the security property. For the investor, this option opens up many opportunities.

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