Refinancing my home loan

Home Loans traditionally used to last a lifetime, not so these days.  On average Australian’s refinance their home loan every four years and here are their reasons:

  1. Your personal circumstances change – a growing family, downsizing, illness, divorce, new job etc.
  2. You want a better interest rate – unhappy with your existing lender who refuses to match (another lenders advertised) rate.
  3. You need more money –  house renovations, holidays, business, school fees, car, wedding etc.
  4. You want to fix your interest rate – your current lender will seldom have the lowest fixed rate
  5. Your budget is tight – consolidating all loans into one reduces your monthly repayments considerably
  6. You want to purchase an investment property – by increasing your lending, more lenders will want your business and will offer great deals.
  7. Tax – people who start an investment program will generally refinance in order to restructure the loans for tax minimisation.

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