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Cherie Knock


Mortgage Broker

Focusing on your best interests, Cherie coaches and, provides knowledge and pathways for you to be your financial fittest. From your first home to your next home, and your investment homes, you can expect the highest level of service, now and in the future. Allowing you the peace of mind to live your best life, knowing someone else is working hard for you.

Structuring your finances to complement your money behaviours is just the beginning. With periodic reviews focused on minimising interest and reviewing your progress towards your goals, we work together towards celebrating you being mortgage free in your own home.

Based in Brisbane’s Bayside with her young family, Cherie believes in weaving her passion for the outdoors, being kind to our environment, and living a happy, active life into everything she does. Saturdays are known as parkrun days and she loves to take the family on adventures.

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